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Krause, Harold and Carol
Apartado 3200
Tegucigalpa, MDC, Honduras

At 12:00 noon Dallas time it is:
12:00 noon in Honduras when Dallas is on CST and 11:00 am when Dallas is on DST.



  • Harold....................7-1
  • Carol.....................10-17


  • Phil.......................9-29-71
  • Mark.....................10-31-74
  • Lori.......................1-7-78

Current status of children:

  • Phil – married to Christy, 4 children; Producer, FamilyLife Today radio program, Little Rock, AR
  • Mark – married to Andrea; Engineering Manager, Keith Products, Plano, TX
  • Lori – married to Tim Ruth who is in the Air Force, San Antonio, TX

Our favorite recreational pastime is:
Playing games, driving unknown mountain
roads, going to the ocean, reading


Mission Agency: CAM International

Mission Field: Honduras

We train pastors and church leaders all over Honduras at various educational levels but especially in rural areas; prepare teaching materials; conduct marriage seminars; Harold serves as board chairman of the Honduras Bible Seminary and as board member of the Evangelical Hospital; Carol is involved in women’s work, especially with pastors’ wives.

How began association with Trinity:
We began attending in September of 1968 (before we were married), immediately becoming active members and teaching grades 1-3 in Sunday School. Trinity remained our home church until we left for Central America in the spring of 1974.

Year Trinity began support and assignment at the time: Trinity began supporting us in 1973 and has faithfully supported us every month since then! Our assignment was to study a year of Spanish in Costa Rica and then go to Siguatepeque, Honduras, to teach in a small Bible academy there.

Ministry Highlights:
We taught in the Bible Academy for 12 years and began a church in Siguatepeque, then moved to Tegucigalpa where we worked in two more churches during the next 12 years in church planting and development, concentrating on evangelism, discipleship, organization, and construction. Those experiences, along with our close relationships with many Hondurans, have helped prepare us for our present teaching ministry, which is our biggest highlight so far. We also write and translate materials.

Continuing prayer needs:

  • Freshness in teaching
  • Safety in travel to remote areas
  • Wisdom in planning itinerary
  • Wisdom for leadership in the struggling Honduras Bible Seminary
  • Discipline in physical and spiritual exercises
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